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Waves of Joy w/pics  

scottv69 59M
3606 posts
10/19/2021 9:18 am
Waves of Joy w/pics

Waves of Joy

Golden waves of ethereal joy

gently caress my heart and

wonderful rays of sunshine

light the house of my soul

as the wondrous rainbow of

love brightens my world.

scottv69 59M
5173 posts
10/19/2021 9:19 am


Leegs2012 48M
87018 posts
10/19/2021 11:00 am


scottv69 replies on 10/19/2021 11:46 am:
thank you Leegs.

crosstraining 68T  
7387 posts
10/19/2021 11:01 am

Terra Patrick would be a tsunami of joy , XOXO

scottv69 replies on 10/19/2021 11:47 am:
she sure would be xoxo

mamacita38dd 43F
62713 posts
10/19/2021 2:42 pm

Love Tera 😍

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scottv69 replies on 10/19/2021 4:19 pm:
col, she is a hottie!

staci_19702 51T
2511 posts
10/19/2021 3:21 pm

Wow. She is one hot gal. So many different looks!!
I want the chair in #2.

Have a great day! 💋

scottv69 replies on 10/19/2021 4:19 pm:
for sure and her looks are hot

author51 58F  
126189 posts
10/20/2021 12:06 am

I love waves of Joy my friend and this one is waving at you. xoxo

scottv69 replies on 10/20/2021 8:49 am:
Waves of joy are magnificent.

mamacita38dd 43F
62713 posts
10/21/2021 3:16 am

Yes she is my love

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scottv69 replies on 10/21/2021 9:07 am:
thank you my love.

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